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Breakthrough New Video Reveals...

How To Create More Love, Connection and Intimacy In Your Relationship... Than You Ever Thought Possible...

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Dear Friend,

We're Susie and Otto Collins and we want to share 7 secrets to deeper intimacy with you.  These 7 secrets are revealed in a video recording of a  presentation we gave recently on intimacy.

If you want to discover how to create more love, connection and intimacy in your relationship, you're going to love this video. In it, we share insights about creating more intimacy and connection in relationships that less than one in a thousand people know. You'll also discover why (and how) true intimacy and connection starts before you get to the bedroom.

Right now, you can watch a FREE sample of our full video (below).

To watch this FREE sample, just turn up your speakers and click on the arrow below the video screen that says "7 Intimacy Secrets For Loving More and Connecting Deeper" and watch the video...


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When you get your copy of our "7 Intimacy Secrets" video, here's a partial list of what you'll discover ...

  • What you can do to create true intimacy in a relationship or marriage long before you get to the bedroom

  • The master keys of communicating to connect with the people you love most

  • What you can do to increase love, closeness and intimacy when listening is difficult

  • The secrets to listening when you are angry, disconnected, hurt or upset

  • How to deal with the differences between you and your partner and actually learn to use those differences to draw the two of you closer

  • The unconscious lie most people tell themselves that keeps them from having the kind of love and intimacy that is truly possible--and how to stop telling it

  • Why opposites usually attract and how to grow in new directions and expand your love and intimacy when you are with your opposite

  • How to stop the negative judgments that come up when thinking about your partner or someone important to you

  • One simple question you can ask yourself anytime, anywhere that will transform the quality of any relationship for the better, no matter how good or how bad the relationship appears to be

  • What to do if you’re being ignored and you want more from your partner

  • Our secret for getting back the connection after we've closed our hearts to one another

  • How we took a “not so perfect” moment and turned it into an opportunity for closeness and connection

  • How you can let go of old patterns that no longer serve you, your partner or the relationship

  • How to choose love more of the time in your relationships

  • How you can identify and stop using “blame” phrases that destroy passion and kill connection between two people

  • How to be more understood in your relationships


Practical Help For Anyone Who Has a Desire To
Improve Their Relationship or Recapture The Magic...

"We are excited about some of Otto and Susie's creative ideas to enhance or rekindle the spark in a relationship or marriage. Otto and Susie are experts on the subject of loving relationships. Their ideas are practical help for anyone who has a desire to improve their relationship or recapture the magic. They are experienced, compassionate, and caring coaches, who have a wealth of worthwhile information to help us all improve our most important relationships."

  Roy and Gwen S.


When you get your copy of our "7 Intimacy Secrets" video, you'll also discover ...

  • The most important thing you can do to get your partner (or friend) to open more to you when he or she seems upset, distant, aloof or shutdown

  • What the deepest needs are for you and your partner in your relationship and life and how you can each help the other get them met

  • A real-life example from our lives that shows you what we did during an upset that made the difference between staying distant and resentful VS regaining our openness and connection

  • The words we all commonly use that build walls between us and the people we love and how we can stop using them

  • What an "intimacy dance" is

  • A simple recipe for "communicating to connect" with the important people in your life

  • And Much More


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When you order now, you'll
get instant access to download these 6 Free Bonus gifts


Bonus #1 -- "7 Intimacy Secrets" Audio

Obviously, you're excited about getting the "7 Intimacy Secrets" DVD and here as a bonus, we're giving you instant access to the digital download of the mp3 audio of what's on the DVD you're getting in this package. This way, you can listen to the audio on your computer, your Ipod or mp3 player as much as you like when you're exercising, traveling or away from your DVD player.  
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Bonus #2 -- "12 Proven Secrets" Audios

This bonus is the recordings of a live 90 minute teleseminar we conducted recently where we gave our answers to the 12 biggest, most important and most pressing questions that our web site visitors and newsletter subscribers like you had about how to create closer and more loving relationships.

These 12 questions are ones we hand picked from over 795 responses to a recent survey at our web site. Most of these questions are connected to the issues of trust building.  Available instantly via digital download with your DVD order.  

Bonus #3
-- "Creating Relationship Magic Book"  (Digital Download Version)
Creating Relationship Magic identifies 52 of the biggest challenges and issues we all face in our relationships and shows you how to keep these from being problems in your relationships. ($20 Retail Value)  (digital download pdf format )

Bonus #4--"10 Communication Mistakes Most People Make In Their Relationships and What They Can Do To Fix Them"  --  This special report by Susie and Otto available via digital download in pdf format contains the master keys on how to start improving communication now with everyone in your life. It's yours FREE with your purchase of this DVD.

Bonus #5--"Love Lessons"--a 56 page ebook that will give you dozens of powerful insights, tips, ideas and strategies for creating an outstanding relationship. Yours via digital download with your order of this DVD. 

Bonus #6--"7 Keys to Creating A Great Relationship"--a 20 page special report in pdf format on the 7 things we consider to be most important in creating an outstanding relationship.  Available instantly via digital download with your DVD order. 

Bonus #7--"Susie and Otto Collins' Love and Relationship Newsletter"--a weekly email newsletter filled with practical tips and suggestions for creating a lasting love, filled with spark and connection. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Creating more intimacy and connection in your most important relationships can be a tricky thing. With the information we share in the video of our "7 Intimacy Secrets" presentation, we'll help you take the mystery out of getting more of what you want.

To order a copy of this "7 Intimacy Secrets" 70 Minute DVD for only $29.95, plus shipping, click here now 



Our Guarantee

We want you to be so completely satisfied with this "7 Intimacy Secrets" DVD that we're willing to assume all the risk.

We'll send you this DVD by mail and give you instant access to all the bonuses that we just described and if for any reason you want to return it -- just send it back to us within 60 days and we'll refund your order immediately.

Relationship Coaches and Best Selling Authors

Susie and Otto Collins 



Many Blessings,


P.S.   Remember, this "7 Intimacy Secrets" DVD package is not available in stores anywhere yet.  It's only available here on our web site. 

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